Product Description

AMY Robot

Bases on these features, AMY can be a receptionist or promoter for retail shops, healthcare centers, airports, banks and hotels; it can also be a substitute for nurses for daily repeated jobs, like answering frequently asked questions, showing the way for people,patients educating, medicine-taking reminding, blood pressure measuring etc. For schools, AMY can be a teaching assistant to increase participation of students.

AMY Robot is a service robot with three basic features: intelligent voice interaction with humans, auto-navigation with obstacle avoidance and applications developable with SDK/API documents.

  • SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) with lidar/RGB-D camera for indoor environment reconstruction in 2D/3D. Can provide floor plan over 10000 sqm and also 3D representation of smaller scenarios.
  • Lidar + VO + IMU fused localization with precision of ±10cm. Optimal path planning according to environment conditions to achieve flexible obstacle avoidance and shortest arrival time.
  • With noise cancellation, speech enhancement, voice activity detection, direction of arrival, beam forming, we are able to improve robot’s speech interaction by increasing SNR in various background noise conditions.