cassie cal

Cassie’s got a brand new pair of roller skates… well, sort of. 

Hybrid Robotics

If you’re not in a lab at MIT or closely following this particular branch of engineering, it might seem like a lot of robots have been showing off lately. The SpotMini, for example, has been performing feats of strength every few months.

UC Berkeley’s Hybrid Robotics Lab is adding its bipedal robot, Cassie Cal, to the mix. The researchers are teaching Cassie to ride motorized single-wheel skates, or hovershoes, IEEE Spectrum Magazine reported Thursday.

The skates are pretty hard to operate, even for a human. In addition to balancing, you control the skates by leaning forward, backward, left and right. The researchers added a sensor to Cassie to help with control.

Hybrid Robotics wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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