Denso has taken a stake in US-based Bond Mobility Inc., the world’s only speed eBike sharing company that delivers high-performance micromobility services.

The close of Bond’s $20 million series A funding round was
led by Denso’s New Mobility Group out of its global headquarters in Japan, and
Ininvest Global.

Denso will use Bond’s technologies to accelerate the
development of its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model.

In recent years, heavy traffic congestion in urban areas all
over the world has contributed to one of the largest shares of greenhouse gas

Micromobility is defined as an urban transportation solution
covering short distances and include options like eBikes, scooters and docked

Bond’s eBikes have top speeds of 30 miles per hour with
average trips of four miles versus conventional micromobility services which
typically cover distances of only 1.5 miles.

This makes Bond a true car replacement and the fastest form
of transport for urban journeys under six miles.

“While Denso is certainly concerned about the projected future
decline of new car sales in the United States, we are also very excited about
the growth possibilities offered by the new types of mobility that are being
pioneered by startup companies around the world,” said Tony Cannestra, Director
of Corporate Ventures at Denso.

“While micromobility is a fairly new concept for the
transportation industry, its potential value to urban environments is
undeniable, and it is an area we are excited to support through an investment
in Bond Mobility.

“With the rise of smart cities and countries focusing on
reducing environmental harm, Bond Mobility has the capabilities to provide
people with easy and safe short-range transportation options, enabling Denso to
help achieve its goal of drastically reducing CO2 emissions.”

Bond provides micromobility through its high-performance
speed eBike service, currently operating in Zurich and Bern, Switzerland.

Bond has the power and speed to provide wide-ranging utility
in an urban environment while easily fitting into local “bicycle” regulatory
requirements. It is also safer, more efficient and robust than other sharing
services currently available.

“At Bond, we have big ideas about the possibilities of small
vehicles, and we are thrilled a top-tier auto supplier recognises that as well and
has made such a major investment in our company,” said Raoul Stockle,
co-founder and CEO of Bond.

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