Is it good? Did it clean properly? Is it worth the money and the fight at the supermarket checkout? We answer all of your questions before you head into store.

When we first announced that ALDI had answered all of our prayers with the release of a robot vacuum and mop all-in-one, the internet was sent into a spin.

Cleaning fanatics were sharing and tagging in every Facebook group ensuring they had a good support entourage come Saturday March 16th – when the robot is set to hit the shelves – and I even had family and friends begging me to test out the machine immediately to let them know if they should be camping outside of the store to get their hands on one of these miracle machines.

So naturally, I listened. And I’m here to report back on Ecovacs Robotics’ DEEBOT OZMO 610 (RRP $299) and just how well it tackled the floor in my own home.

ALDI robot vacuum and mop

I’m armed with the goods! Look out floors. Image: Leah Goulis / Kidspot 

Are you ready for this?

First up… Boy is this a complicated setup! I’m not the most technical person and respond well with a ‘plug and go’ type of machine. But this is not exactly that simple.

While there is a handy remote control, the robot is controlled through an app and it took me over an hour to try and set it all up with the machine not responding to my app. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a headache, but once all was sorted, I was pleased to pour myself a wine and watch this little device clean the house while I watched on from the couch. Not a bad headache to have after all of that!

As online reviews promised, the vacuum is very quiet. I’ve used other robot vacuums at home and this little beauty is nowhere near as loud. In fact it was so quiet, there were times I was doubtful over just how much it was actually sucking up.

All of those doubts were stripped when I stopped the robot halfway through a clean to see just how good of a job it was doing.

I had vacuumed the house just hours earlier and I was surprised at just how much it picked up after a clean. Plenty of crumbs, grass, dust and other things the cockies love to come in for – and this was just the hallway and lounge room!

ALDI robot vacuum and mop

Seriously? I JUST cleaned! Image: Leah Goulis / Kidspot 

After we were done with the vacuuming it was time to mop the floors. The DEEBOT OZMO 610 comes with an extra mopping attachment with two pads that will do the job.

I selected the mopping option (you have three strengths to choose from) and off it went.

Much like the lack of noise, at first I wasn’t too sure if the machine was actually mopping because there were no visible wet streaks as you would normally see when mopping a hard surface like floor boards.

At closer inspection, I realised that there was a bit of moisture left in its wake, but it was quickly dried with the air being pushed out of the robot as it went on its way.

Once the mopping was done, I couldn’t wait to see how dirty the pad was. While it wasn’t that bad, you could definitely see the machine did a decent job.

Is this thing for real? I think my cleaning days are over. Praise the LORD!

ALDI robot vacuum and mop

Yeah, that’s a little bit gross. Image: Leah Goulis / Kidspot 

A word about a ‘complete clean’ and navigation

The most common question I’ve received when telling friends I was trialing the ALDI robot vacuum and mop is if it does a decent job around furniture and rugs.

Honest truth? Of course you will get a more thorough clean if you did it all yourself but if you move out furniture that will be a big obstacle for a machine like this and turn up the corners of your rug so it doesn’t go on them when mopping and soak everything, it does a pretty decent job. 

The machine maps out your home, making sure it gets to all of the spots and if there is something in the way, it just moves around it or shifts direction. Just don’t expect it to go in awkward places and you won’t be disappointed.

While it is meant to take itself back home to the docking station when the job is done or there is an error, my little friend did get a little confused and couldn’t find home. But hey, I won’t hold it against him. We’ve all been there after a few wines on a night out, am I right??

ALDI robot vacuum and mop

When you can drink wine while ‘you’ clean the house. PS – you missed a spot! Image: Leah Goulis / Kidspot 

My verdict…

Ever since these robot vacuums were introduced into our lives, I’ve been singing their praises but have always maintained if they mopped as well my life would be complete. So when ALDI announced their partnership with Ecovacs Robotics, I was filled with excitement.

While the DEEBOT OZMO 610 doesn’t quite compare to the higher end brands it does a bloody good job and at $299, it’s great value for the money you will spend! Beats the $800+ price tag other higher end brands charge, that’s for sure. And there aren’t many other machines that offer a mop and vacuum combo in one machine, so you’ve got to be impressed with that.

So to answer your question: If you hate cleaning the house and want something to get you through those periods in-between thorough house cleans? I’d line up in the morning… and get the elbows ready.


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