On the road to self-driving trucks, Starsky Robotics built a traditional trucking business – TechCrunch

By |June 8th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] More than three years ago, self-driving trucks startup Starsky Robotics was founded to solve a fundamental issue with freight — a solution that CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher believes hinges on getting the human driver out from behind the wheel. But a funny thing happened along the way. Starsky Robotics started a regular ol’ trucking company. [...]

Amazon debuts a pair of new warehouse robots – TechCrunch

By |June 5th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Amazon kicked off its first re:MARS conference with some ringers last night, bringing out Robert Downey Jr., Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert and Disney Research’s Morgan Pope and Tony Dohl during the opening keynote. This morning’s big event puts the focus back on its own offerings — namely the work the company’s been doing in [...]

Microsoft launches a new platform for building autonomous robots – TechCrunch

By |June 5th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] One major — and somewhat unexpected — theme at Microsoft’s Build developer conference this week is autonomous robots. After acquiring AI startup Bonsai, which specialized in reinforcement learning for autonomous systems, the company today announced the limited preview of a new Azure-based platform that is partially built on this acquisition and that will help [...]

You can do it, robot! Watch the beefy, 4-legged HyQReal pull a plane – TechCrunch

By |June 2nd, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] It’s not really clear just yet exactly what all these powerful, agile quadrupedal robots people are working on are going to do, exactly, but even so, it never gets old watching them do their thing. The latest is an Italian model called HyQReal, which demonstrates its aspiration to winning strongman competitions, among other things, [...]

In Ford’s future, two-legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries – TechCrunch

By |June 1st, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Autonomous vehicles might someday be able to navigate bustling city streets to deliver groceries, pizzas and other packages without a human behind the wheel. But that doesn’t solve what Ford Motor CTO Ken Washington describes as the last 50-foot problem. Ford and startup Agility Robotics are partnering in a research project that will test [...]

This robot learns its two-handed moves from human dexterity – TechCrunch

By |May 30th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] If robots are really to help us out around the house or care for our injured and elderly, they’re going to want two hands… at least. But using two hands is harder than we make it look — so this robotic control system learns from humans before attempting to do the same. The idea [...]

Ekasbo’s Matebot may be the cutest cat robot yet created – TechCrunch

By |May 30th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] If Shrek saw Matebot, no amount of sad-eyes could win him back to Puss in Boots’ side. Created by Shenzhen-based robotics company Ekasbo, Matebot looks like a black and white cartoon cat and responds to your touch by wiggling its ears, changing the expression in its big LED eyes and tilting its head. Built [...]

Cat vs best and worst robot vacuum cleaners  – TechCrunch

By |May 11th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] If you’ve flirted with the idea of buying a robot vacuum you may also have stepped back from the brink in unfolding horror at the alphabetic soup of branded discs popping into view. Consumer choice sounds like a great idea until you’ve tried to get a handle on the handle-less vacuum space. Amazon offers [...]

Toyota AI Ventures launches $100M fund to invest in robotics and autonomous tech – TechCrunch

By |May 2nd, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Toyota AI Ventures, a subsidiary of Toyota Research Institute, has a new $100 million fund that will focus on finding and investing in early-stage robotics and autonomous technology startups. This second fund, aptly dubbed Fund II, brings the firm’s total assets under management to more than $200 million. “The growing interest in automated systems [...]

IAM Robotics puts a unique spin on warehouse automation – TechCrunch

By |April 30th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Before robots get to do the fun stuff, they’re going to be tasked with all of the things humans don’t want to do. It’s a driving tenet of automation — developing robotics and AI designed to replace dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. It’s no surprise, then, that warehouses and fulfillment centers have been major [...]