Growing Demand in Military and Defense Sector to Boost Security Robots Market at 8.9% CAGR till 2025

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[ad_1] ALBANY, New York, June 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a Transparency Market Research (TMR) report, the global security robots market is still in incipient stages and is witnessing the growth of handful of companies. This has created an excellent opportunity for the players who want to step into the market. Since the majority [...]

Robots inspired by animals to be foot-soldiers in South Korea’s military by 2024- Technology News, Firstpost

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[ad_1] tech2 News StaffMay 15, 2019 14:58:03 ISTImagine you're a soldier fighting the good fight. You've got weapons in hand and an enemy to watch for. Out of nowhere comes an odd-looking dog that starts firing at your clan moments later. Extreme, yes. But worldwide, much like in any other industry, robots are finding their feet in military defense, too. South Korea has [...]

US Military Testing Whether Human Pilots Can Trust Robot Wingmen in a Dogfight

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[ad_1] DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution program aims to find out — and so shape America’s future arsenal. A U.S. military research program is advancing the study of humans and machines working together by testing how well pilots and artificially intelligent entities trust each other in one of the most challenging of tasks: aerial combat, or dogfighting. The idea behind DARPA’s [...]

U.S. Army Testing Robots for Military Support

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[ad_1] They swim for miles, scale fences, and trek through blinding snow. They defuse bombs and keep their composure. They can carry up to 1,000 pounds and stay light on their feet. They’re troops of … robots. The use of robot technology is nothing new for the U.S. military, but as technology continues to advance, [...]

Global Military Robots Market 2018-Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Qinetiq, Endeavor Robotics, Cobham – Global News Journal

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[ad_1] The global “Military Robots Market“ report delivers a comprehensive and systematic framework of the Military Robots market at a global level that includes all the key aspects related to it. The data is collected from different sources allied to the global Military Robots market and the research team meticulously analyze the gathered data with the help [...]

US Military Buying Exoskeleton That Gives Humans Super Strength

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[ad_1] Many of you have probably fantasized about getting your hands on some of Tony Stark’s technology. The iron man suit is probably one of the most iconic pieces of technology across popular culture and comics. SEE ALSO: THIS MECHANICAL ENGINEER BUILT AN EXOSKELETON STRONG ENOUGH TO LIFT CARS  Though there have been multiple attempts [...]

US Military Getting Robotic Exoskeletons To Turn Soldiers Into Superhumans

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[ad_1] If you ever dreamed of battling xenomorph queens like Ripleyin Aliens, we are getting there: The U.S. Special Operations Command is getting delivered a pre-production unit of the Guardian XO robotic exoskeleton.Credit: SarcosThe USSOCOM is the third of the US military forces that are getting into the exoskeleton game after the US Air Force [...]

LTC named to list of military friendly colleges

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[ad_1] For USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Published 5:00 a.m. CT March 13, 2019 Sheboygan Lutheran High School plans expansionThe board of directors at Sheboygan Lutheran High School voted on Feb. 18 to begin construction of a worship and fine arts center to be known as the Faith and Leadership Center. Sheboygan Lutheran High has over 50 students registered for [...]

Outsourcing War To Machines, The Military Robotics Revolution

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[ad_1] Outsourcing War To Machines by Paul J. SpringerUSA – -( As a soldier and more importantly as the leader of combat soldiers there has always been the desire to engage your enemy in war from a safe distance. If you and the opposing enemy soldier are both armed with only a sword and a [...]

Israeli Firm to Supply Robots to Italian Military Police | The Jewish Press – | JNS News Service | 1 Adar II 5779 – March 8, 2019

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[ad_1] Photo Credit: Robobotics via Wikimedia CommonsRoboteam MTGR, a light, full-featured tactical ground robot, Feb. 12, 2017 Israeli robotics company Robo-Team Ltd., also known as Roboteam, announced on Wednesday that it has been awarded a $10 million contract to provide 40 robots to Italy’s military police, the Arma dei Carabinieri. The firm manufactures ground robotic [...]