Amazon’s Bezos says robotic hands will be ready for commercial use in next 10 years

By |June 7th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Inc Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said on Thursday he expects there will be commercial robots in the next 10 years that can grasp items as reliably as humans, a development that could lead to the automation of warehouse jobs around the world. Jeff Bezos, Inc’s chief executive and [...]

Amazon’s new Pegasus drive robot will save workers from heavy lifting

By |June 7th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Amazon relies on technology like robots to increase efficiency at its shipping centers.  Ben Fox Rubin/CNET Amazon's newest helping hand is a 2-foot-tall orange robot. The Pegasus drive robot technology, which will join the ranks of Amazon's Kiva robots, is already helping workers move individual packages at a sorting center in Denver, the company said Wednesday [...]

Rivian’s self-driving future in focus at Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 event

By |June 5th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Rivian is attending Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 event this week, an information and networking conference sponsored by the online retail giant focused on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other related Earth and space technologies, including self-driving. The latest research, scientific advancements, and industry innovations are shared during four-days of networking, keynotes, and information sessions, and [...]

Amazon’s New Robots Pack 700 Boxes Per Hour

By |May 14th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Automated box packing will replace human workers, with 24 roles disappearing for each warehouse facility having one of these robots installed. Robots in Amazon's warehouses are taking on a new role of boxing up orders, and they do so much more efficiently and quickly than the human workers they replace. As Reuters reports, Amazon [...]

Will Amazon’s Robotics Startup Buyout Hurt WMT, TGT & KR?

By |April 14th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] Amazon AMZN recently bolstered its robotics capabilities by acquiring Canvas Technology, a Boulder, CO-based robotics startup. Canvas is best known for its fully autonomous cart system that leverages 3D imaging techniques.Notably, these cart type robots are of great use in fulfillment centers as they aid in shifting goods around warehouses. This buyout reflects Amazon’s [...]

Today’s Logistics Report: Sold on Tankers; Amazon’s Third-Party Gains; Robots Getting Stuck

By |April 13th, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] China’s efforts to remake its agriculture industry is reaching the global maritime tanker business. The country’s Sinochem International Corp. industrial conglomerate is preparing to sell its logistics arm to a Chinese coal magnate, the WSJ Logistics Report’s Costas Paris writes, in the biggest-ever takeover of a state-run fleet by a private company. The deal [...]

Amazon’s ‘Collaborative’ Robots Offer Peek into the Future

By |March 21st, 2019|Robotics|

[ad_1] NEW YORK —  Hundreds of orange robots zoom and whiz back and forth like miniature bumper cars -- but instead of colliding, they're following a carefully plotted path to transport thousands of items ordered from online giant Amazon. A young woman fitted out in a red safety vest, with pouches full of sensors and [...]