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    Complete Educational Platform: Sparki is used by 1000+ top middle schools, high schools, universities, and STEM programs like Stanford, MIT, Purdue and FIRST Robotics for being an all-in-one solution to teach students 9+ robotics, coding and electronics. Infinite Possibilities: Learn to program over 40 parts including an LCD display, grippers for grabbing objects, line following sensors for mazes, remote control, speakers for music, light sensors, distance sensor, edge detection sensors, motor wheels, and more! All open source hardware and software. Board is based on Arduino so you can expand on Sparki and make it your dream robot. Over 100 Lessons: Open source lessons written by professional educators. Lessons designed for complete beginners to advanced students of robotics, coding, and electronics. View our lessons now on our website to see the activities you will learn. We constantly expand lessons based on community feedback. We offer excellent support from our Cali-based team, and have active global forums.
  • Fully assembled aluminum robotic arm for student and hobbyist study of mechatronics ATMEGA64 processor can be controlled using included RACS computer software or C programming language custom code Robotic arm actions can be recorded and stored for download and control of robotic arm
  • Metal Fighter Robots - a fascinating new world which you can now experience at first-hand. With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions you assemble the kit components to produce a working humanoid robot of the kind only usually found in universities and research institutes. The set includes all the software required to allow you to bring the robot to purposeful life - even if you are a complete beginner. Simple to get started ? Robotics for the beginner; ? The robot is great fun - and the fun starts immediately; ? No special computer knowledge or programming experience required; ? Catch & Play - move the robot and click: and you have produced the first movement! Carefully matched ? The kit contains all the components required to operate this high-tech robot; ? Carefully matched mechanical systems and software.
  • RQ-HUNO is the latest innovation from Robobuilder and is an affordable, feature rich level Humanoid Robot. It includes all the latest technology in available in higher end Humanoids (16 DoF, Daisy Chain Serial bus, Obstacle and Sound Detection Sensors, USB connectivity and Android Remote Control app*) while being an affordable Humanoid Platform. The exclusive SAM-3 Robot Actuators offer a torque of and an impressive speed. This makes the lightweight RQ-HUNO very quick and agile. The servos also include a Transparent cover with Blue LED Lighting giving RQ-HUNO a distinctive look. These LEDs also double as a Quick Visual Diagnostics of the Daisy Chain bus to find out any disconnected wire and they can be Choreographed side by side with the Motions: you can choreograph not only the moves but also the looks of your Robot!
  • Take advantage of the unmatched, versatile VEX IQ system with the VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit! Follow step-by-step instructions to learn the basics, and then use that knowledge to build anything you can imagine! Customize your robot with a variety of sensors including color, bumper switch, touch LED and other built in rotational sensors on the motors
  • Kubi makes video calls easier and more engaging by turning tablets into web controlled telepresence robots that pan and tilt, letting you interact with people face to face. Kubi has uses in telemedicine, education and in business, from home care, to remote learning, to virtual receptionists. Kubi works with any video conferencing service or use ours Intuitive, internet based controls can be accessed through any web browser. Saved positions and presets can be shared with remote participants
  • Miposaur

    Hand gesture command recognition; Unique dual-wheel balancing Evolving intelligence for progressive play Comes with a Beacon Sense infused trackball, that Miposaur will flawlessly keep in sight
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    OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

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    This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes Powered by the sun - no batteries required Two levels of building skill levels so the beginner and experienced robot builder will be equally engaged

    Includes 16 Dynamixel XL-320 servos Customizable 3D printable frames Controllable with an Android device
  • Dimensions: ~10.75" Wide x ~12.5" long (tip to tip) and ~4" tall (wheel/track height). Durable Compact Tracked Robot able to climb most terrains Fully Assembled and Tested. Ready to Run!