Product Description

The Robot is a complex walker. To be had for Wireless Wifi/Bluetooth/RF regulate the use of the USB SSC-32 Servo Motors Controller.

Package Content
18x TowerPro MG955 Servo(Max torque 13kg)
12x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket
6x Large Aluminum hexapod robot legs
6x Small Aluminum hexapod robot legs
2x Hexapod robot main mounting plate
1 Set Hexapod Accessories
This product includes everything you want to build a robot to regulate with your electronics.
Dimension: 400x390x150mm

Arduino Hexapod Robot has a more natural having a look, more articulate leg and body design. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design means this robot can walk in any direction! The robot has been designed to use 18 TowerPro MG955 Servo(Max torque 13kg) servos for the legs. The kit includes everything you want to build the robot. As well as you are going to need Electronics and Batteries. This is relatively in all probability the nicest having a look, best performing, commercially To be had hexapod available in the market.

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