Product Description

We are pleased to offer the following for your consideration: Ref # 7787571

One (1) 2001 172 Ton Warcom 160/30
Automated CNC Robotic Bending Cell

General Specifications:
Tonnage Capacity 172 tons
Overall Length of Bed and Ram 126.0″
Distance Between Housings 100.4″
Stroke Length 9.8″
Open Height 17.7″
Closed Height 7.9″
Depth of Throat (Gap) 19.7″
Speed Approach 7.9″ /Sec.
Speed Bend 0.39″ – 0.79″ / Sec.
Speed Return 5.9″ / Sec
Motor 15 HP
Overall Dimensions 166″ x 75″ x 115″
Weight (Est.) 28,500 Lbs

Equipped With:
Kawasaki ZX130L Robot
Payload 286 Lbs
Horizontal Reach 116.2″
Vertical Reach 158.1″
Repeatability plus/minus 0.118″
Maximum Linear Speed 98.5″ / Sec
Number of Axes 6
Electrics 240 V Brushless AC Servo Motor
32-Bit C-Mos RAM

LCD Touch Screen HMI

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